Dr. M. A. Jayaram rao,


Biodata of Gamaka kalavida, Dr. M.A.Jayaram rao, Bengaluru.

Profession & Hobby : 

Journalist by profession.  Worked for ‘THE INDIAN EXPRESS’ daily at Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Bengaluru in various capacites for 35 years and retired in 1993 and continued as free lancer for few years.  Later fully devoted  to promote ‘GAMAKA ART’, While in ‘THE INDIAN EXPRESS’, did many interviews of stalwarts in the Music & Literary field.

Articles in many other periodicals on ‘GAMAKA’. Music criticisms, eminent personolities. Contributed articles for ‘BENGALURU DARSHANA’ on music, gamaka & harikathe art for ‘KARNATAKA DARSHANA’ and for souvenir ‘VIKASA’ brought out on occasion of ‘AKKA’ meet held at Florida, USA on gamaka in 2004.

Introduced about 60 Gamakis of present & yesteryears in the periodical GAMAMA SAMPADA.Brought out CDs of Kavya Vachana, Varaha Purana, etc etc;

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151961977226390195.gif‘Annual Golden jubilee memorial lecture series of The Mysore association’, jointly organised by the ‘Kannada division’ of the  University of Mumbai, on 24th  & 25th of Feb, at Mumbai.

The venue :  ‘The mini hall’, of the Mysore Association, Matunga, Mumbai (First floor),393, Bhaudaji Road, Matunga east, Mumbai-400 019.

Dr. M.A. Jayaram rao, spoke on ‘Mahabharatada Karna’, by rendering the Shlokas of ‘Kumara vyasa’, in a brilliant way. The ‘Vyakhyana’ was also rendered by the noted scholar, on both the days (24th Sat, 25th Sun,  2018)

Video- 1 :

Video- 2


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