“Yoga in the family”- Mrs. Varijakshi B. Bhatt !

Prof. C.M.Bhatt’s hand written page,  from his diary !

(Since the fonts are very small and not clear  I took the permission of Smt, Varijakshi B.Bhatt to re recreate the following page for the benefit of Readers who are interested)

  1. After getting my degree and getting married, I went to Bombay and lived together in Malabar hill area. From here, my husband went to Poona, for his post graduation degree in medicine.

  2. I started my yoga practice, with my father-in-law, from January, 1974., and began teaching with his help as a TRAINEE from 1976. When I would be assisting him in the classe  of  European and American lady students.  It was a small class with only 4 people.

  3. I later began to teach, a class on my own for the lady members of my family doctor ; but my father-in-law, would keep a close watch on, how I was going on.

  4. He encouraged me to read books, from his library and would attend the lectures given by Shri. Satyananda, when he visied Bombay. from Mungher.

  5. I met him several times,with my father- in- law. He was very happy that I’m learning Yoga,and he gave his blessings.

  6. I left Bombay, and came to Northern Ireland, I suffered from depression,  As I was long away from home. Yoga helped me to a great extent during that time.

  7. I started visiting ‘Thompson house hospital’ every da,y to help them to writes and other such tasks.

  8. There were 65 people,living in the hospital who suffered from varieties of conditions, such as MS and paralytic strokes. After I teaching, “SUKSHMA VYAYAMA”, PRANAYAMA and “YOGAMUDRA”.

  9. For friends, who showed interest the matron and   neurological nurses were very happy to see the improvements. in the patients who attended. Many found that they could  sleep well for the first time, without the help of tranquilisers.

  10. One person told me one day, that they had been unable to sleep even with the help of two tablets. But after practicing the breathing  exercises they were able to enjoy sound sleep until 7 in the morning completely unaided.

  11. The Neurologist gave the Voluntary work which I did with the patients, with the glowing reports.

  12. When I left to go to Honkong, the matron was in tears.

  13. When I was in Lisburn NI, I only got to see relaively few people with conditions such as back aches, and knee pains.


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