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Smt.Varija bhanudeva bhatt, and Smt. Rangamma

mahadeva bhatt.

My father-in-law Prof. Bhatt, is well known to many rich and famous people, in Malabar hills area. where he lived for, from  1948 to 1988. Including many ambassadors,  Council general,Governors and great musicians.

Prof. Bhatt, went to live in Mysore, at the age of 12 from a district called Chitradurga.His father was a great priest, and an astrologer. It was then that he began to learn ‘Rigveda’, and Yoga at Mysore pathashala. His teacher was Shri. Krishnamacharya who saw the interest and brightness of his student taught him the secrets of Yoga, “Yogarahasyas”, which have been practised over centuries by the Yogis of South India.

Prof. Bhatt gained a degree in Yoga and became a scholar in Veda, known as “Veda brahma”. He started teaching in Mysore Maharaja College,and was taken by his own to the ‘Royal family’ When he went there, in reaching Mysore was ruled at that time, by the Maharaja or the king.

The Maharaja of Mysore was a great patron of the arts. His aim was to try to spread the ancient art and science of Yoga, so that ordinary people could learn how to practise Yoga.

To this end, my father-in-law was sent in 1938  on an educational tour, giving demonstrations and lectures on ‘Yoga’ in ‘TOWN HALLS’ of the main cities,  and towns.He was 24 years of age when he reached Bombay. His lectures and demonstrations attracted and interested several journalists. His photos and short articales appeared  in the weekly. magazine.

Illustriated weekly magazine which brought him added attention and made him a household name. From then on he would be invited to attend in Bombay, during his summer holidays. This really pleased his Guru, called him ‘Bhatta’!

The maharaja of Mysore wanted to spread Yoga aieled to therest of India, and so in he said Krishnamacharya stayed with my father-in-law for aield the travelled right up to  ‘Rishikesh’ on then afer articles and photos appeared  in the illustratedd news my father-in-law was way very proud of his Guru especially same he was one. very first students. There after, Yoga teachers came later.

After independence, there was some controversy concerning Yoga. Some considered it to be linked to Hinduism, even though it was not a religion rather a science and arts. 

By this time, Prof. Bhatt, decided to move to Bombay.when he built up a large group of contacts who were all very keen him to settle in Bombay, close to them. He was offered the accommodation by a wealthy student in a home in Juhu beach area. even though the houses were very hard to come by.

At that time due to the number of refugees to  the Malabar hills, where he ramained for forty years. Prof.Bhatt became more famous for his work on ‘Yoga therapy’  and specialists often referred their patients for him, suffering from physical as well as mental problems.

He was a very good friend of ‘Swamy Satyananda, sarasvathi’ from the ‘Bihar School of yoga’.  I was accompanying him in the Yoga lectures at the Bibar vidya shala. Satyananda swamy was very happy, and blessed me each time, I met him.

I feel very honoured to Prof. Bhatt’s daughter-in-law, I stayed with the family 1973-1988, during that time I learnt so much from him. He always happy that, I was able to pass on the knowledge that I have learnt and gave me the blessings. and to carry on his work both in “Yoga therapy” and philosophy.

Prof. Bhatt was a real Yogi. He was always a very humble man who always told me that to the day I die,that  I always Prof. Bhatt passed away in1988 in Bengaluru, when hehadstarted out in Yoga.hewa also 24 years of age. By the time, he died he had memorised the whole of the “Hathayoga, pradiptika”, “Patanjali Yoga sutras”. “The Rogveda” and “Bhagavadgita”,

When  he spoke always,Quote from so many shlokas (verses from the scriptures) He was a very learned man. had  many books on many other books on many subjects.apart from Yoga in his extensive library.

In 1960 Prof Bhatt was asked to come to UK to teach, but he declined. He wanted to give his four children a good education.

There was a film made on his work by Mr. Hesse, who worked  for AGFA Films, He also took a few lessons from my father-in-law.I should love to tryto trace a copy of that film.

All the photographs which acccompany that article appeared in the Illustrated News of India.

My intention is in writing to pay homage tribute to my father-in-law’s contributions to Yoga. He worked all his life and helped so many people from both physical and mental problems.

Smt. Varija bhatt’s family :

Front row :

Dr. Bhanudev bhatt, Smt. Varija bhatt,  Smt. Rangamma bhatt, Dr. Sharma, Smt. Sharadamma sharma.


Varija bhanudeva bhatt, Yoga teacher.











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